ZombiesWithGuns.io places you in a deathmatch battle where you compete against plenty of zombie players. Unlike other zombie io games, in this game title, all zombies are able to use guns to shoot down each other. This is such a unique point of ZombiesWithGuns.io free online. You have to roam the map carefully hunting down other zombie players and quickly destroy them all before they escape. After killing them, you can eat up their brains to boost your score. During the battle, other enemies can eat your brain, so you need to protect yourself from their attacks and try to survive for as long as possible. Once you get eaten, everything will be over. You have to survive at all costs for the top rank on the leaderboard as well as for the champion title. No more waiting! Quickly launch the game in your browser and battle it out now! Wish you luck!

How to play

Move your character with WASD or arrow keys. Left click to fire, right click to aim down sights, use key Shift for sprinting and key Esc for the menu.

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