is a fun Slither style multiplayer game. It leads you to a match and you have to play against a lot of enemies online. You will control a little creature like a snake or a worm. Your mission is to take over the top spot. Aside from entertaining yourself with unblocked, you should score and survive if you want to climb up to the highest position. You will become the winner or the King if you gain the most mass and stay alive. The food is scattered across the playfield and it is simple to consume. You will grow in size and rank up. However, you can lose everything when you bump into other bodies. Avoid everybody because a smaller competitor can cut off you whenever! If you plan to chase or run away, hit the mouse button to speed up! While moving, you will have the chance to discover the effects of power-ups. It is currently obtainable on the Google Play app! Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to control your creature

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