YORG.io 3 is another fun chapter of a popular series called YORG.io. Similar to the previous iO game, you will be trapped in a dark place. In which, you will be attacked by hordes of scary zombies and aggressive robbers. To become the winner, you must survive at all costs. To stay alive, you need to do multiple jobs.

YORG.io 3 unblocked is regarded as a special combination of tower defend, undead, and strategies. Different from the first installment, it adds completely new content. By using starting materials, you are able to build a base and protect yourself at night. However, monsters in YORG.io 3 free online can play down the door, windows, and catch you whenever. Before you set up traps or turrets, remember to mine resources. Placing supply chains with factories will allow you to produce more ammunition. Especially, it’s interesting to research and upgrade your weapons, unlock unique abilities and so on!

How to play

Use the mouse button to choose materials and build

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