Have fun with a slither-style io game called Worms.lol! You can add this title to your favorite list of snake io games and play it for free in your browser whenever you want. There have been lots of games like Slither.io, but you can decide to try Worms.lol unblocked to get a new experience. Another interesting thing about this title that keeps you engaged is it features cool rewards like hats, different mouths, eyes or glasses. You can get these rewards after each match.

Although you are just a little worm when spawning in the arena of Worms.lol game, you can still defeat big worms by making their head collide with your body. That’s how you kill your enemies in a slither-like game. Since a small worm can kill a big one, the game has become much more intense when every worm can be attacked. You slither your way through the arena finding food to eat to make your body bigger. Getting bigger is good, but it also makes you a target to other players because they will try to slay you and eat your remains. So, you need to be careful when you move and have your strategies ready to deal with enemy worms. You can make someone run into your body by encircling around them or speeding up to cut them off. The main goal for you in Worms.lol free online is to become the first on the leaderboard. Have fun!

How to play

Move your worm using the mouse and give it a speed boost using the spacebar.

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