Welcome to the colorful world in Worms.io multiplayer, where you play as a worm and get bigger over time. It’s like the classic snake io game but more unique, let’s try.

Multiplayer snake io game is probably too familiar to you, right? But do you want to renew your experience with a new graphic style? So, try Worms.io games, a simple yet addictive io game inspired by the hit snake game. This is a whole new world where you become a snake and learn to survive in an open space with countless other opponents. They are worldwide online players, so competition is high at every second of each level.

Show your survival skills by finding and swallowing food to grow your worm. But that is not easy because you have to compete with many competitors at the same time. Foods that usually won’t make you grow as fast as your opponent’s worm loot. So most players are always looking for a way to end someone else’s worm to claim this amazing food. What about you, will you play it safe or actively attack others? Choose the right plan to survive the longest in this io Games.

How to play

Use your mouse to move the worm on the map

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