Wormroyale.io is regarded as another clone of Slither.io. You can play it for free to meet new enemies and challenge them to crazier matches. As a worm, you have to fight off other enemy worms for the first place on the leaderboard. But first, you must grow bigger! To build size, the basic way you can do now is to eat some good dispersed on the ground or find the food dropped by the defeated worms. By eating them, your size will be bigger, giving you more strength. Then, you can jump into chaos where there are plenty of worms trying to eliminate each other. You should arm yourself with good strategies, tactics and nice tricks to kill the enemies and make sure they cannot kill you. Do whatever it takes to survive until you climb the leaderboard! Are you a true worm survivor? You can play Wormroyale.io unblocked at school now!

How to play

Move your worm around the map using the mouse and to make a speed boost, use the left mouse button.

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