In unblocked, you have to grow big, survive, and dominate the arena. Can a small worm handle those things? Quickly jump into this Slither-like io game then see if you beat all enemies. free also pits you against players in real time. This is the second chapter in the game series, bringing better features. The new installment is still the same as the first one in terms of gameplay, the only change is that now you are provided with three lives rather than just one. You have to slither your way through the arena eating various goodies dispersed on the ground. By consuming those goodies, your size and mass will become bigger, giving you more strength to cope with other worms. Avoid them if you are not ready! Try not to run into them with your body, otherwise, you will lose a life. But, you can lure and get them to collide with you to eliminate them from the arena. Speed up your worm when you want to escape danger or chase a target. Tactically lead your worm through the world full of worms and try to become the best worm!

How to play

Use the left/right mouse buttons or Q to speed up, use W to stop the movement, press E to become invisible and use number keys 1-5 to use a smiley.

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