Voxiom.io 3D is set in the cubic world in the famous Minecraft game on the gaming market. Here, you will help your character fight against the enemy in a never-ending war.

Voxiom.io unblocked is a normal shooting game online when players will use weapons to fight other enemies. However, things will become more special when you can freely build and craft everything from free resources. This means that you can build walls to hide or upgrade weapons thanks to different types of resources. So, there are quite a few blocks in this game that you can take advantage of like earth, sand, water, cacti and more.

Besides the regular game mode, the multiplayer battle royale game is offering other game modes like Battle Royale and Capture the Gems. Each game mode will bring a separate operating method that requires players to do a lot of work to win. Remember that all other players on the map are opponents, so be vigilant when playing the game. Overall, the combination of construction and first-person shooter elements in this game makes it popular at the moment.

How to play

WASD will help you to perform movement operations like forward, backward, left, and right. Use E to interact, left/right mouse button to perform different actions

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