Try a free 3D MMO voxel editor game called and see what can you generate! If you have ever dreamed of building a dreamy world for yourself or anything you like, then play free to get that chance now. The most interesting about this io title is that the world is shared and built collectively by players from around the world. You are the master of your own world, which means you can build whatever you have conjured up in mind and now you will make it come true. game lets you meet new players, but you can also invite your friends to come play the game with you for fun. There are four modes featured in this title. Each of them has a different function and allows you to do specific stuff. In the view mode, you can look around your place before deciding where you build your masterpieces. In the build mode, you can easily pick a voxel color from the bottom menu and then place the voxel. In the pick mode, you can pick a voxel color from the current voxel around you, while in the destroy mode, you are allowed to choose a voxel then demolish it by clicking it. Make use of these given modes to build more things without difficulties. You are free to express your imagination. Have fun with it!

How to play

Use WASD to move and the mouse to look around. Click the left mouse to choose voxel color, place the voxel, and destroy the voxel. Press spacebar to toggle the tools window and Enter to toggle the chat window.

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