Voos.io free online is a unique shooting game that is free for all players. In Voos.io unblocked, you take on the role of a mafia whose mission is to chase down many targets on the map. But first, you can pick from 24 mafia characters before jumping into the fray. You have to make your way through the arena killing as many targets as possible using your weapons. Simultaneously, you need to protect yourself from all dangers around you, especially the tougher mafia players that really want you out. Do not underestimate them because you will never know what they are up to do. Just make sure you follow your prepared strategies and take advantage of them to outplay your rivals. Another thing you must do in Voos game is to earn money by destroying many buildings. Your goal is to become the best mafia character on the leaderboard! Much fun with it!

How to play

Direct the movement of your character using WASD, use keys 1-9 to buy a mafia, and click the left mouse to fire.

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