There is a multiplayer pixel shooting game called online awaiting you ahead! Vertix unblocked is yet another shooting game from the io games series. It allows players online to fight against each other in a complicated arena full of dangers. Before jumping into it, you will pick a character and a username for yourself. The battlefield will become more ruthless and intense when more players come. You have only one goal here, which is to shoot down your enemies before they shoot you. Make your way through the arena and always have your gun ready! When you spot a certain enemy in sight, quickly finish him off before hey escapes or before he deals damage to you. Take advantage of the structure of the arena so you can get an upper hand on other rivals. You must keep yourself alive then work your way up to the top rank on the leaderboard. Play game online now!

How to play

Make your way through the battlefield using WASD, use the spacebar to jump, shoot with the mouse, reload your weapon with key R, use key F to spray and use keys Q/E to scroll.

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