unblocked is a shooting experience not to be missed, where you play as a hero with skills and cards. Test your gun damage in the multiplayer battles, why not?

Are you looking for multiplayer io games like You have a great suggestion to play online for free at the moment, which is the game It’s time to role-play your hero, choose your weapon and officially enter the classic gunfight like never before. You have many skills to show, they are not only basic moves or shooting but also some unique skills. So what is the most important thing when you play free online? It’s tactical, it shows in how you move on the map, choose hiding places for raids or attacks. Besides, the skill factor is equally important, showing the difference in level and experience of every gamer.

Not only that, find ways to unlock powerful skill cards and make them useful in battles. You can combine them with typical guns, like Scar, sniper rifle, shotgun, etc. Move left, right, jump and more, execute them perfectly like a real warrior in this HTML5 3D game.

How to play

  • Move character with WASD keys, jump with “space”, shoot with left mouse.
  • Press R to load ammo, E for melee attack, “Enter” to chat, B to buy or change cards
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