unblocked is a good game that allows you to use your excellent skills to fight off all enemies. It lets you experience great top-down gameplay, stealth element, as well as various rounds with challenges. Every player starts the game with 10 bullets and these bullets will recharge through over time when they are not being shot. Since free online has the stealth element, it means you will expose your position to other players when shooting at them. For this, you have to be careful whenever you start your action. The real players will be marked with 3 decoys for every 35 seconds. You have to fight off all enemies to get your range ring larger. To ho back to the crowd without being spotted by others, make use of a stealth power-up. Can you outplay all enemies in the arena to become the winner? Play this io game of strategy and have fun with it!

How to play

Move your character using the left mouse button, press Q or use the right mouse button to shoot enemies, and use the spacebar to activate power-ups.

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