Make your axe-throwing skills much better with unblocked! You play the role of an axe thrower walking through a big map to fight against lots of enemies from around the world. Throwing them with your axe, leveling up yourself, and evolving are your important missions in game. Since you spawn in the map as a small thrower, you cannot fight against other tough players with high ranks on the scoreboard when you are at a lower level than them. Hence, try to throw a small axe at weak players when you are at a low level. Around the map are monsters you can destroy too. When you kill them, take the food they drop to level up yourself. Feel free to chase for the weaker ones while running away from the higher-level ones. The difference in levels will make a huge difference in the game. You will feel like you are in a magical world and this world needs a hero to dominate. online also features two awesome game modes you can master, namely Food Chain and PVP. Whichever mode you play, make sure you finish off all enemies and be a top 1 player on the scoreboard! Can you vanquish all of the challenges? Play the game now to show off your skills! Have fun with it!

How to play

The mouse is used for the movement, click the left mouse button to fire, and the right mouse button to dash.

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