You have to drive and control your own tank around a big arena in to fight against many enemies. Get yourself ready for this epic yet challenging tank shooter game now then see if you can beat all of them. When making your way through the map, there are many loot boxes dispersed around. Feel free to smash them all to get new mines, ammo, weapons, health kits, and other upgrades for your tank. They will help boost the strength of your tank and give you enough power to cope with tough rivals. You have to inflict damage on them to eliminate them out of the arena. Defend yourself during the fight! Try not to take any damage from enemies, otherwise, it will be a game over for you. Keep fighting and collecting kills until you earn yourself the best score on the leaderboard to become the winner! Much fun with game!

How to play

Move your tank around the map using WASD, press 1-5 to change a weapon, use the spacebar to fire or use items. Press C to change between the crafting and the shooting mode, use E to collect an item and use M to open the map.

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