Swaarm.io is an amazing MMO shooting game based on the cool Agario style. It is an online multiplayer match between you and every enemy throughout the world. The main aim is to take over the leaderboard. To occupy the highest position on the ranking, you should not forget to hunt down as many rivals as possible and survive until the combat ends up.

Step into the arena of Swaarm.io you will start off with a small team including 2-3 tanks. From the spawning point, you are able to travel around the map your way. Be careful! Always defend your clan or you will lose! In addition, you need to find and eliminate the same groups to grow in numbers and get stronger. Therefore, you will soon be a true threaten in Swaarm.io. Actually, all members of any party that you defeat will be collected and assembled into your own. Not only that, you will gain more valuable prizes when you become bigger. Or, you can choose to avoid conflict and focus on farming bots. Obviously, it is not a good method to earn the spot you expect.

How to play

Press WASD or Arrows to move, Enter to chat, Space bar or Left mouse to fire.

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