free unblocked is an io game where you play as a fidget spinner spinning your way through a huge map trying to gather a lot of colored dots. The more dots you gather, the bigger the size as well as the faster the spinning speed you will reach. When you encounter enemies, you should bump into the ones who are slower than you to wipe them out. When they die, they will drop their gems, and you need to collect them for more power. You have to be careful with the players that are faster than you, or else your gems can be stolen and you can face your doom. Once you have gathered a lot of gems, you can dash to chase your opponents or escape away from dangerous players. But don’t boost too much, or your speed will be reduced. Make sure you elude the fight until you are fast enough for it. Think you can climb the top? Good luck to you!

How to play

Move your fidget spinner around the map using the mouse. Click the left mouse to speed up.

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