unblocked is a survival game. If you think you can survive the harshness of nature and the attacks of enemies, play free online to show your skills. In this title, when you spawn, you are unarmed. The first thing you do is to explore areas of the mao to gather some resources. You can gather wood by hitting trees, then make a wooden pickaxe to gather stones. With wood and stones, you can make a campfire to survive the cold in the night. When you need something to eat, try to find some berries or hunt animals. Eat them well to recover your health! When a battle kicks off, make use of your equipment and weapons to defeat all enemies. You need to protect yourself from the monsters as well. Use torches or weapons to scare them away. If you let them catch you, you will be defeated. The goal for strategy is to become the best survivor!

How to play

Use WASD or arrow keys to move your character. Collect resources and craft items using the left mouse button.

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