unblocked makes you a marine monster swimming around a huge ocean searching for food, smaller creatures, and especially trying to defeat other opponents for ocean domination. You can start as a shark, a whale, or a dolphin. When you step into this adventure, try to eat as much food as possible to fuel your boost tank. Pay attention to your surroundings when swimming because you will encounter enemies on your way. If they are weaker and smaller than you, eat them to grow your score. But if they are bigger, you should run away from them to save your life. As your score increases, you will become a bigger fish as well. Try to avoid all the tough fishes because if you are close to them while you have no strategies to go against them, you will get eaten. When you kill the fishes with the same colored ring, you will get a chain bonus. Try to survive and top the leaderboard to become the winner in free online! Play and have fun with it!

How to play

On PC, move your fish using the mouse, speed it up by clicking and holding the mouse. On Mobile, use a D-pad and tap first to control the fish, second tap, and hold it to make a speed boost.

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