Play Spinz.io royale online game with a lot of friends worldwide now! You will have to get your fingers ready to control a fidget spinner around a huge arena. When you spawn in the map of Spinz.io game for free, you will have to go collect many dispersed dots on the ground for building up your RPM. The more RPM you build, the better it is, especially when you come across other fidget spinners directed by real human players. If you are faster than them, you can eliminate them all then eat their dots to spin even faster. However, you will be destroyed if they are faster than you. Therefore, make sure you know that you will win before jumping into any frays. You can give your fidget spinner a speed boost to chase other rivals or escape away from dangers. Depending on the current situation you are in, you will use this dash ability wisely, or else your RPM will be lost. The goal of Spinz.io unblocked at school is to become the best fidget spinner on the leaderboard.

How to play

Use the mouse to control the movement of your fidget spinner and use the left mouse to accelerate it.

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