Space Survivor unblocked is an interesting match between a human character and plenty of robots. Your goal is to defend him from those dangerous killing machines.

Space Survivor html5 game will bring back various options to attack the foes

Before you play Space Survivor free online or take part in the battle against crazy robots, you will receive three options. And, they will be the main weapon that can automatically hit the enemy. Especially, they will always follow you to prevent machines from attacking you.

Play Space Survivor free online and make use of weapons your way

There are 3 amazing types of weapons. So, they comprise Laser Shot, Thunder Strike, and Acid Grenade. Not only that, they will give you different effects. Further, they will destroy robots in an automatic way. Thus, you should move strategically so you can clear your rivals.

Space Survivor html5 game will contain many levels. And, they will take you to unique challenges. More importantly, you will unlock more effects if you level up. Start your match and finish it as soon as possible!

How to play

Select WASD keys or Arrows or drag Left Mouse to roam.

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