Experience awesome challenges brought to you by Snowwars.io! This Christmas-themed Agario Style game is totally free to access. It is set in a snow-covered arena where you have to pick up a bunch of snowballs then rapidly launch them at the opposition as you attempt to elude getting damaged by the incoming shots launched by the rivals. You have to make sure that your character – a cunning snowman is always safe as if you soak damage, the game will be over instantly, meaning you will have to restart it from scratch. Focus on eliminating the rivals whilst defending yourself all the time. Don’t forget to gather the snowflakes on the ground for building the size of your character as well as increasing the power of the snowballs that you throw. In Snowwars.io free for all, the main objective is to rule the whole arena. Are you ready for the challenges? Can you conquer all of them? Play it now!

How to play

Use the left mouse button to fire.

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