Try playing a new Slither style io game called to experience new features. Being a snake is always cool! You can slither your way through a big map to explore areas as well as compete against many slippery enemies from around the world. You spawn on the map as just a small snake, but if you eat power pellets dispersed on the ground or eat the drops released by dead enemies, you will increase your body a lot, making you a bigger snake through over time. After reaching a good size, you can trick other enemies into running into you for points while trying to avoid crashing into their bodies with your head, otherwise, you will be destroyed. Make sure you try to feast on their remains to get your body big faster. Can a small snake like you dominate the arena and end up as the biggest snake on the leaderboard? Play unblocked then you will see it!

How to play

Use the mouse to move your snake around the map and use the left mouse button to move faster.

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