set in a huge island of snakes and the gameplay itself is pretty much the same as – a famous snake-themed IO game in the browser. You also take on the role of a hostile snake navigating your way through the playing area in order to find a lot of glowing foods. Since this is the island, you cannot swim and leave it. Things you can do are to eat foods, grow up, and kill other enemy snakes. Once you get bigger, you can take advantage of your big body to encircle the enemies, have them crash into you, and leave them unable to attack you back. Another interesting thing you should do is acceleration! This means your snake can easily make a speed boost, but ensure that you use this feature wisely because it will have an influence on your mass, which can cause your score to be decreased. Do you think you will end up as the largest snake on the island? Let’s play now!

How to play

Take control of your snake using the mouse, speed it up by clicking the right mouse.

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