SMISMI.ONLINE promises to be one of the most exciting RPG games that you will never forget once playing. The game also takes a little bit of inspiration from in terms of gameplay, however overall, it’s also very different. You play as a slime king who has to control his army of slime around the map in order to absorb the entire city. There will be plenty of enemies standing in your way and willingly to defeat your army. Do whatever it takes to avoid tougher ones, or else the game will be over for you. As you capture areas in the city, your size of the army will be increased, giving you more powers to eat other objects faster. You have to make sure that your army is well protected all the time and gradually, you can totally build dominance in the entire city, which makes you the best King of all! Good luck to you!

How to play

The mouse is used for controlling your army.

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