drops you into a fantastic and epic world where you can play sports with a lot of friends from across the world on servers. The game includes some famous sports games you can enjoy, such as soccer, hoops simulator and volleyball. It will be so fun to have your sports-playing skill tested through various challenges, also, you will love it very much, especially if you are a big fan of these games. When joining, each player is armed with a power shot, and you know what to do with this thing, right? It’s a handy feature you must use to outplay your opponents in terms of movement speed and power. This means that the power shot can help you move faster as well as score more goals than your rival. Besides, don’t forget to use the emoji faces to get your opponents fooled. Think you can win this competition? Enjoy now!

How to play

Use WASD or arrow keys for the movement, use the spacebar to jump, perform the power shot using key Shift, and press keys 1-4 for emote (must have face equipt)

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