Shrek.Fun is a free MMO classic Io game that is also known as the battlefield of Shreks. Control one of them and help your character become the winner. The result is really important because it will affect how he conquers the heart of Fiona. Are you ready to defeat every clone and turn into the actual hero? Just play Shrek.Fun unblocked your way and use your friend named Donkey as a tool to attack and take out your rivals! Speeding up is actually useful to run away from stronger opponents or chase and capture others. However, you will get some moments when you cannot deal with someone. Therefore, always prepare for restoring health at any time. Don’t worry! Eating cookies scattered across the area will allow you to regain the energy and even get more powerful. They are effective power-ups to bring you to the final victory easier. Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to move, Right Mouse to sprint, Left Mouse to strike

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