Get yourself ready for an epic gunfight in game! Many waves of online opponents are waiting for you ahead. You must try to fight with them and kill them all for your glory. unblocked has two game modes, 10 different classes, and 11 perks. You will be dropped into a big arena where you must protect yourself from dangers everywhere. You can destroy crates on the map to get upgrades for yourself, such as faster speed, better vision, health regen and so forth. They are all great upgrades that will help you get through the fight. You can use them to get an upper hand on your rivals and kill them more easily. As you pick up kills, you can accumulate points. With the best points on the leaderboard, you will become an ace of the arena, and that’s also your main goal in online. Much fun with it!

How to play

Use WASD to move your character around the map. Click the left mouse to shoot, and use QEF to use the upgrades.

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