Play one of the top shooter io game free online and join an interesting chase with zombies! The town where you live is finally attacked by the undead. With weapons and every tool in hand, you can wipe out all of them and get the city back. Along with your presence, you are able to see other people who have the same target. However, many of them will be your rival. If you want to occupy the leaderboard, you should gain enough 100 kills ]first. The score in unblocked will come from killing scary creatures mentioned above. Aside from guns or ammunition, you will have the chance to drive cars, unlock bonus, turrets, landmines, and so on. It is easy to build a base or crush the monster with your vehicle. Especially, you can team up with friends or strangers. Lots of upgrades are waiting for you to experience. Try to progress and obtain them!

How to play

Choose between WASD and Arrow keys to roam, Left Mouse to shoot, Right Mouse or B to build walls, Spacebar to interact, Shift to drift, numbers/Left-click/mouse wheel to switch weapons, click on the building at the bottom right to select another

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