is a scary free 2D first-person shooter io game. Connect with a dangerous world full of enemies coming from around the world and fight against every online opponent existing on the new map for survival! After picking out the favorite weapon, you are able to hop into that arena and begin to launch combat. Similar to challenges inspired by Battle Royale genre, try to turn into the ultimate soldier! Play unblocked you can explore a large facility by yourself. Because you cannot find any help from teammates, you must act carefully. The gun and everything that you select should bring back abilities fitting your style. There are various missions to accomplish. While focusing on completing them, remember to watch your back! Once you stay alive and score the most kills, you will climb up to the top spot that you desire. Get ready to search for the leader right now! Good luck!

How to play

Use Left-click to fire, Right-click to aim, R to reload, C to crouch, 1-9 to choose equipment, P to pause, T to chat, Space to jump

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