(Shell Shockers) is a brutal 2D Shooter game online that truly tests your shooting ability a lot through multiple challenges. Are you ready to kill your opponents? Let’s dive into the battle right now! You must roam around the map carefully in the shape of a cunning egg armed with a variety of weapons. There are plenty of opponents standing in your way, go finish them off before they have an opportunity to kick you out of the arena. Your weapons are all strong, but they don’t have an infinite amount of ammo, therefore, you must gather supplies from the ground as well as from the dead opponents to reload your guns quickly. In case your health is running low, don’t freak out! Calmly go to a quiet corner of the map where you relax and wait for the health to be regenerated. You must crack all the eggs then turn yourself into the ultimate winner!

How to play

Move your character using IJKL or WASD, click the left mouse to fire, use key E or U to change the weapon, press key R or Y to reload, and spacebar to jump.

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