Fight and destroy all of your opponents as a cunning egg killer in Shell Shockers game online! This is a popular first-person online shooter game that is drawing the attention of many players from across the world. You can choose your favorite egg killer first, then pick a game mode, along with a server before hopping into the arena. Move around the map carefully to hunt down the enemies, use your strong weapons wisely to shoot them down before you get eliminated. The game features some dangerous weapons, such as scramble, shotgun, and Eggk47. They are all handy to get rid of the dangerous enemies! You shouldn’t forget to gather more supplies since you are only armed with a limited amount of ammo. Try to reload your gun quickly to kill the rivals in time, and make sure you always defend yourself from being cracked by others. Your goal here is to become the best egg killer of all!

How to play

Move your character using keys WASD or mouse. Click left mouse button to shoot. Switch the weapons using key E, press key R to reload, jump with spacebar, use key Q to release a grenade.

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