is a free online strategy game in which you can play and compete with multiple opponents from over the world. It offers a demo that you can join on Steam. The main aim is to become the strongest boss. Firstly, you should select an appropriate area and embark on your job. Pick up and extractor and place it on the top of a circle shape to extract it, remember to connect the item with a conveyor belt to the hub of your own! Try to build them properly or you can waste given resources! Attempt to construct as many as possible to complete the target of unblocked faster! You can drop multiple objects at once easily. Don’t forget to follow the entire tutorial! It is especially for the newbie. Tips and tricks that it provides will allow you to expand your territory and own the most factories in the shortest time. If you are successful in finishing the goal in each stage, you will level up and obtain various fantastic upgrades that are effective to speed up your factory. Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to choose items and place, Shift to put multiple objects, right mouse to remove, Ctrl and Left mouse to choose an area

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