Shape Shooter 2 takes place in a world full of enemies and shapes. You have to shoot enemy shapes then collect points and unlock more shapes to strengthen yourself.

Shape Shooter 2 is a battle game where you have to defeat lots of shapes

You may feel impressed by the arena of the game when you spawn in. It is due to the nice graphics that make it a futuristic cyber world. Hence, you also find it technological and modern when you play.

Shape Shooter 2 has a unique gameplay mechanic

This survival 2D game lets you compete against a variety of shapes in the arena. These shapes come in various sizes as well as skills. So, you need to fight with good strategies. As you play, you can give your character some new weapons to make it stronger.

When you are in the fight, you need to control the character and try to shoot other enemy shapes. When you shoot them, they will be scattered then you can collect the points. You can also utilize a special ability and a bomb to defeat enemies.

Your character can be improved if you collect green shapes when you shoot them. Or, you can equip your shape with cannons as well as obtain special upgrades. For instance, there is a freeze or a shotgun.

There are also lots of strong shapes that you can unlock when you play. You will have a new shape when you increase your level. The new shape provides you with skills such as beam, scattershot, as well as a big grenade.

Shape Shooter 2 unblocked is a chance for you to master your shape-shooting skills.

How to play

  • Move your shape with the mouse.
  • Perform your skills with the left mouse button.
  • Pause the game with the right mouse button.
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