puts you in an ocean arena full of sea monsters. You must get yourself ready for this oceanic adventure and see if you can dominate it. unblocked is a snake-inspired multiplayer game like You make your way through a big sea trying to devour lots of fish, plankton orbs and even smaller enemies to increase your size. As you hunt for food, you should avoid contact with other sea dragons if you are not ready to fight against them. But if you are, quickly defeat them using your strategies. You can make them run into your body or speed up to bypass them and cut them off. Just make sure you dodge colliding your head with their bodies, otherwise, you will be destroyed. Try to complete all the quests for lots of cards and use them to unlock brand new species or even level up the ones you have. Start this adventure in free game! Have fun!

How to play

Move your sea dragon around the map using the mouse. Use the left mouse to speed up.

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