Run and Risk unblocked is one of the toughest io games inspired by the retro tabletop game called Risk. You become a commander of a small kingdom. In Run and Risk game, and your mission here is to develop your empire by employing plenty of strategies with momentary tactics. Try to think big and have a detailed plan on expanding your territory, even including taking over the enemy lands. To capture their lands, you must use your army with good tactics to crush their kingdoms and take over what they are owning. Be careful if they also own strong units like you. They can outwit you with any evil schemes they have come up with. You must prepare some for yourself as well. Watch out for the map as it will extend in lots of directions. Once you have covered most of it, you will control a lot of lands, making the game much tougher. The goal here is to become the best lord!

How to play

Use the mouse to interact with all units and objects in the game.

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