The most interesting thing about free game is that it lets you ride on various dinosaurs! unblocked is such a good choice for those who are in need of a new game about dinosaurs that is free to play in a browser. In this title, you can totally do that. Being inspired by Fortnite and PUBG games, also opens up a fierce battle between contenders. You are eligible to ride a wide range of awesome dinosaurs and feel free to select your favorite weapons from the beginning of the game. Once you step further into it, you will realize how hard the battle has become so far, and it will not be easy to kill enemies with simple ways. Now, you are recommended to go find T-Rex – the toughest dinosaur available in game too. Riding T-Rex makes you much stronger, and you will not be afraid of your rivals. Remember to break more objects for new loot, then use them to outmatch other players.

How to play

Use WASD for the movement, click the left mouse to fire, use key E to collect items and interact, key R to reload, the right mouse for dropping items, key Esc to open the menu and key M to open the map.

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