Let’s see if you can dominate the entire ocean in Raftroyale.io unblocked – a battle royale ocean io game free for all. The game pits you against many players from around the world. You have to prepare your skills with strategies to deal with them and defeat them all for your victory. The first basic thing you do in Raftroyale.io free game is to build a raft. Try to create it as fast as possible then use it to destroy other rafts controlled by enemies. You can add weapons with gadgets to your raft and make use of them to deal damage. Remember that you will defeat the ones with smaller rafts while avoiding the bigger rafts. In addition, you also have to watch out for various sea monsters, especially octopuses. They can dish out damage to you and your raft, so beware of them! You must survive to reach the top rank to become the lead player! Have fun!

How to play

Interact with objects and control your raft using the mouse.

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