Just like Hole.io, in Popular Wars.io, you also take control of a group of people and make your way through a city with a mission of increasing your group’s size. To make the group much larger, you must attack other players, knock them down, then quickly steal their people. You will force more people to join your group, and the more you do, the more popularity you will have, which takes you to the victory for sure. However, you’d better keep in mind that the danger is everywhere. This means you must defend your group all the time and stop others from stealing your people. If you let them, you will gradually get smaller, causing the game to be over. Try to use your smart strategies to get an upper hand on the enemies. You must fight for the ultimate dominance in this arena and turn yourself into the supreme leader! Are you up for this? Come to conquer Popular Wars.io game right now!

How to play

Control your group of followers using the left mouse button.

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