3D Plug The Plug unblocked is a special online puzzle game. The player needs to quickly search for the best methods to plug in all present plugs on the game field.

Plug The Plug is one of the best logic free games

It means that you should think of the problem in a careful and logical way before you embark on controlling anything on the screen. So, you will be able to beat difficulties and win the level.

Play Plug The Plug online for free and show off your abilities

It’s completely easy for you to play Plug The Plug online and work with items on the playfield your way. However, you shouldn’t interact with objects without thinking carefully. In fact, it is helpful for you to plug successfully.

But, you are also recommended to finish your task in the current puzzle as fast as possible. Meanwhile, it may be a good place to relax because it has no timer.

Plug The Plug is among the most fantastic logic free games. It now contains plenty of levels and they are awaiting you to find out the solution.

How to play

Click the left mouse on the plug and move the mouse to control that item

A or D key or Right Mouse to rotate the plug after clicking on it.

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