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Pikes.io unblocked is a crazy combat game pitting you against a host of skilled enemies. You must beat them all using your given pike and stop them from killing you. Before you step into the arena, you can pick a favorite skin for your character. This can make your character stand out from the crowd. You have to navigate him around the map collecting a lot of colored squares. The more squares you pick up, the more dangerous your pike will become. If you want to kill a certain enemy, you have to smash them with the pike. Swing it in a large arc, rotate your character, then dish out damage to your target. You have to avoid their pikes at the same time, or else you will get hit, causing the game to be over. Try to survive long enough and fight your way to the top place on the leaderboard. Let’s play Pikes.io free online now!

How to play

Move your character around the map using the mouse. Use the spacebar or use the left mouse to speed up.

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