Outgun.io free game online opens awesome car battles where players from around the globe can participate and compete against each other. Outgun.io lets you play as not only a racer but a cunning shooter who has to eliminate all of his enemies. You will drive a car through an arena packed with bright neon lights and glowing cityscape. On your way, you will bump into enemies, and your mission is to smash them all as well as break them into pieces using your dangerous machine gun. Through over time, you can upgrade some stats, such as acceleration, top speed, cornering, and armor. They will make your car much more powerful, you will find it easier to kill enemies too. Do your best to rack up as many kills as possible outsmart all enemies as well as prove that you are a skillful driver. Feel free to enjoy Outgun.io online in your browser now!

How to play

Drive your car using arrow keys or WASD, use the left mouse or the right mouse or the spacebar to fire.

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