Let’s prove your capturing ability to the whole world in an epic strategy real-time game called Occup4fun! You will battle against so many online opponents worldwide, making the competition much more challenging. The main task is to capture as many tiles as possible to expand your territory. Keep in mind that your opponents are doing the same, therefore, you need to let your realms get boxed by other players and utilize your smart strategies to outplay them. The more tiles you take over, the higher the conquer points you will earn, then you use them to take over other enemies’ tiles easily. Do not give them any chances to take over your tiles, or else it will be hard for you to win the match. You must keep your character alive for as long as possible then build your ultimate dominance in the arena. Join it now! Have a nice gaming experience with it!

How to play

Move the camera using WASD. Click the left mouse to capture the tiles.

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