is an action unblocked game. Play against other characters and gather bullets which are distributed across the map as fast as possible. The ammo that you collect will work as your weapons and as your shield. In other words, they can prevent the foes from killing you. Therefore, you need to aim carefully and enjoy the match wisely. Similar to popular shooters, players in free are also recommended to destroy opponents before they do the same for you. Aside from shooting, you are allowed to release melee attacks. Note that you HP will depend on your ammunition! But, your movement speed will be reduced when you carry them. It can influence running away from those who are stronger than you.

In each round online, you can scavenge up to 10 Dust. It is an exciting system that you should master. Currently, it is gettable on the Android version and available to choose skins. Good luck!

How to play

Use WASD keys to move, left click to attack

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