is a horror iO game free for all to play, which is made by the creator of It is about a survival match in which every player has to fight against each other to survive and rank up. Start off with a chicken and you are placed on a small dish along with multiple rivals online. You must avoid being crushed by keeping you safe in that dangerous arena. In case you are kicked off, try to fly and return to the playfield as fast as possible. Actually, the main aim that you or any competitor must implement is not easy.

Aside from some abilities mentioned above, unblocked will provide a few special tricks such as sprinting or dashing or jumping. They are very useful to protect your life from deadly hits. They are effective to cause the death of somebody once they are pushed off the edge and cannot come back. The last standing character will gain the highest score bonus. The point can unlock plenty of items in the shop. In addition to defending and attacking, you do not forget to collect corn. Eat and you will grow bigger as in It’s simpler to bump into someone.

How to play

Use WASD or Arrow keys to move, Space to jump, hold Space to dash or fly, double-click on movement keys to sprint

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