is another awesome space-themed multiplayer game inspired by You take control of a tiny orb and have to move through the huge cosmos in an attempt to gather particles into your orbit so can you have more strength to wipe out other players and turn your orb into the largest one. When you roam through space, you should never stop eating the particles then utilize them to assault the cores of other players. You’d better defend your core all the time! If a player uses their particle to collide with your core, you will surely soak damage, making you meet your doom easily. The particles, once being gathered, will strengthen your orb a lot! You can even purchase some upgrades to enhance your performance. Some upgrades featured in the game are dot resilience, dot critical chance, speed, and max health. Your goal here is to become the largest orb in the arena!

How to play

Move your player using the mouse, click the left mouse to speed up, use keys 1-4 for the upgrades.

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