developed by RavalMatic is a web browser sports game. Play online for free and prove your pool skills your way! It is easy to test your shooting ability but difficult to finish challenges. Choose the mode that you want and you can practice in a special room of or compete against other rivals worldwide. Try to aim your shots to earn high scores! It is an important element that helps you conquer the match and become the champion. brings thrilling rounds in which you will have the chance to relax and dominate the leaderboard. Do not forget to set power before you pot anything! It actually influences the outcome. Additionally, you are only allowed to pocket colored balls in which add 50 pts and 10s. Otherwise, you will lose. Meanwhile, the cue one will deduct 20 pts. Gain at least 2500 to unlock new tables and cues. Furthermore, always complete your objective before you run out of time. Good luck!

How to play

Move the mouse to aim.
Drag LMB backward to set power. Release it to shoot balls.

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