Minesweeper.io is a classic strategy game about using your logical thinking skill to uncover all squares without triggering a bomb. Basically, Minesweeper.io is a game inspired by the classic Minesweeper that used to be played on Windows PC in the past. Now, it is brought back to the players via a browser where they can enjoy it together. You and other players play on the same board racing against each other to see who will clear the most mines at the same time. You should take a look around the board, and you will see some numbers. The numbers show how many bombs are adjacent. If you determine there is a hidden mine, put a flag on it quickly. In case you uncover a square with a bomb without getting flagged, the bomb will be triggered, causing you to lose points. Try your hardest to increase your points, win a lot of gold, earn more flags and turn yourself into the ultimate winner!

How to play

Use the left mouse to reveal a square, click and hold the right mouse to place a flag.

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