Being the lord of an army is not easy at all! But with unblocked, you will have a chance for it. Are you ready for the Lordz Conquest – a strategy io game with various features to explore? free online is the sequel to It features some new stuff now, such as heroes system with special powers, Cavalery units, many new buildings to unlock, stronger walls, advanced formation system and so forth. The game is set in the ancient time in which you have to build a castle for yourself then protect it from the enemy attacks. Once you have built up the castle, you can hire some basic units. The units will help defend your territory. You also need to build a stable for Cavalery units, Academy for Mages, as well as Monster Den for Dragons. Remember to create Archer Towers or Mage Towers too then keep them improved for better protection. When everything is ready, head into the battle to defeat all enemies! You must bring victory to your territory!

How to play

For the movement, use WASD or mouse, use the mouse to attack, use E or the right mouse to activate power, use the spacebar to split, use B for Build Menu, U for Units Menu, F for Formation Menu, Y for Units Upgrades Menu, V for Rewarded Videos Menu, C to change the Formation, M to show the mini map, L for the leaderboard, Enter for the chat, and Esc for the pause menu.

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