Kogama Sonic Dash 2 html5 is a game about Sonic. You will help Sonic run through lots of levels at a high speed then explore the world of Kogama with amazing views.

Kogama Sonic Dash 2 serves the fans of the SEGA series with Sonic Dash games

Running games with platforms are diverse and so is this Sonic game online. It is a good title for you. It also has inspiration from the SEGA series featuring an iconic character – Sonic.

Enjoy a unique parkour gameplay mechanic in Kogama Sonic Dash 2

Sonic is famous for being one of the fastest creatures in the world. He is ready for an adventure through the Kogama world. However, he still needs your help. So, you will control him as well as help him run at a fast speed.

There are also lots of levels for you to play. Each level has amazing things for you to explore. Hence, make sure you use your parkour skills as well as reactions to vanquish the challenges.

Kogama Sonic Dash 2 unblocked lets you improve your parkour skills as you play and have fun with Sonic.

How to play

  • Move Sonic using WASD or arrow keys.
  • Jump through platforms using the spacebar.
  • Press K to restart the game.
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